Top 5 Tips for making your trip to Fantasy Fest the very BEST

Fantasy Fest Key West, Oh Yes!

Top 5 Tips for making your trip to Fantasy Fest the very BEST

Key West’s annual Fantasy Fest has all the fun, glamor, and mayhem of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but with a trademark tropical flair that Key West is famous for.

If you haven’t yet been, you’re in for an earth-shatteringly fun and wild time. The 10-day fest happens October 17-26, this year, and the theme is called “Animeted Dreams & Adventures.” The Fest is chock full of crazy fun like costume balls, a wild parade, costume competitions, AIDS fundraisers, body painting, drag queen contests, a pet parade, and of course…alcohol! Many who come here have turned Fantasy Fest into an annual pilgrimage for the ultimate grown-ups-only party.

Since the Fest is so famous, now is the perfect time to book for the best rates on airfare and hotel. You will also have plenty of time to plan your costumes!

Here are our Top 5 Tips for making your trip to Fantasy Fest the very BEST:

5. No Nudies
Fantasy Fest is without a doubt exotic and sometimes even erotic, but this isn’t a nudie fest, kids. Despite the folklore, you can’t walk around nekkid, so keep your knickers painted on, and enjoy the show. There is no shortage of skin, despite the no-nudie rule. With the incredibly artistic and elaborate body painting and other worldly costumes, we guarantee this will be a voyeur’s paradise! Official Rules of Fantasy Fest:

4. Keep Costumes Within the Theme
Every year, the Fantasy Fest is given a theme, and this year’s theme is “Animated Dreams &

Key West Fantasy Fest Parade

Adventures.” If you haven’t heard of it, Anime is a Japanese style of animation, characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes. The style has a look all its own, and the characters often have huge, expressive eyes and bright colors. Give it a Google and you will get an idea for the look. As for Fantasy Fest, you can dress however you like, but if you keep within the theme, you can participate in the costume contests, and you will be more connected to the event. Costume Information:

3. Leave the Car, Take a Taxi
It’s gonna be difficult to find parking anyway, so why bother renting a car? Just take a taxi, and leave the driving to the pros. Since you’re most likely gonna be getting your drink on, you can really enjoy yourself knowing there will be absolutely no risk of a breathalyzer test in your evening!

2. Hotels
If you’re unable to come for the full 10 days of the Fest, just keep in mind that most hotels require a 3-4 night minimum. If you book now, you will be sure to get the best rates. Some hotels even offer Fantasy Fest packages, where you book a block of nights at a special discount and/or they will include a certain amount of credit toward food and bevvies in their hotel restaurants. We know all the best deals in town, so let us help you find the perfect package for your Trip.

This is our number one, most important tip. It is a huge event with a gigantic draw, so the sooner you make your Key West hotel and air reservations (or Key West Express ferry to Key West from Ft. Myers), the better a deal and choice of options you will have. We are locals, for crying out loud, so we know the best deals in town. Contact us for the best Fantasy Fest travel deals here: Key West Places to stay, Key West, Things to do Key West, Party Key West

Article by Dianne Ackerman

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Top 5 Tips for making your trip to Fantasy Fest the very BEST