Best Ways to Save Money on Summer Travel

Best Ways to Save Money on Summer Travel

Who doesn’t like to save a dime? For some, budget travel is the only way to make the trip happen.

Travelling on a budget doesn’t mean you won’t have an unforgettable vacation packed with memories to last a lifetime. Trust us, you will. It also means you will come home with a few more bucks in your pocket than you thought you would. Here’s how:

1. Come to KEY WEST!
You can travel anywhere and find ways to save, but Key West is one of the few truly affordable and incredible vacation hot spots. Whether you are looking for romantic, festive, all-out wild, or peacefully rejuvenating, Key West will answer all your dream vacation prayers without breaking the bank.

2. Take Your Show on the Road
With most tropical islands, you have to fly or cruise there, which means your transportation fees will cut a good chunk out of your trip budget. But beautiful Key West, the southernmost point of the Continental U.S., is completely drive-able. And it is a breathtaking drive at that. Here are some tips for how to take a road trip to Key West and save a bundle:

3. Find Some Insider Tips and Use them!
Don’t waste your time (and money) taking common travel site advice for things to do on your trip. Instead, take some tips and tricks from the locals like us, and you will have done yourself two favors by 1) finding totally rad things to do that not everyone knows about, and 2) save yourself a wad of cash. Here’s how:

4. Find the Freebies
It is easy to find a few discounts, but is it possible to enjoy a dream vacation on a magical tropical island whooping it up for free? Oh yes, yes, yes, in Key West!

5. Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Dime, Mon.
Hey, what’s the point of hauling your work-weary butt all the way down here if you don’t chill out? It isn’t always easy to go from workhorse mode to vacation mode, so try to get your mind in the spirit before you get here by reading these tips on ways to relax in Key West. If you need a little incentive to get your irie on (that’s Patois for “I’m completely effin relaxed, mon”), just consider that all your relaxing is actually saving you money. No, really, we mean it. Hey, where’s my beer?

Article by Dianne Ackerman

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Best Ways to Save Money on Summer Travel