Top 10 BEST Things To do In Key West

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Written by Dianne Ackerman                                            

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Top 10 Best Things To do In Key West

Feeling a little daunted by planning your itinerary? Have no fear; we’ve done the work for you! And believe us when we tell you we know where to have fun in Key West. Eat, drink, swim, boat, and party your way through Paradise with our Top 10 not-to-be-missed experiences. Oh yeah, you’re welcome!

10. Hit the BEACH and rent a CABANA!
There is something about renting a cabana that turns an ordinary beach day into something luxurious

and special. To have your own shaded space can create a special sanctuary to enjoy the gorgeous sea, sky and to people watch (and share some secret smooches.) This is an affordable way to completely chill out, and is a great way to leave your working brain behind and get your chill mode on.

9. Kayak on the Gulf of Mexico
Aaahhh, just you, the paddle, the sounds of sea and water fowl…nothing spells getaway like a nice kayak in the hideaway of the back country waters on the Gulf of Mexico. This Key West waterscape is like being in another world. You can’t get as far from your desk and computer as this. Don’t miss it!

8. Deep Sea or Flats fishing trip
Even if you’ve never been fishing, you will have a blast. If you are an old pro, you will be in Seventh
Heaven. There are amazing, guided excursions, led by professional, licensed captains. They aim to please, and live to fish with you at your own pace, just the way you want to. Oh an the fish? Forget it, you won’t believe what ends up on the end of your hook! From tarpon, bonefish, barracuda and tuna, you will be thrilled with your very own catch of the day!

7. Rent a Scooter
Hop on a scooter with your sweetie at your back, and cruise around the island tandem style! There is nothing more romantic than heading to the southern-most tip of the island, enjoying the crystal blue vista (and possibly spotting Cuba in the distance!) and making out with your sweetheart under the brilliant blue sky.

6. Stroll Duval Street
Duval Street is to Key West what Bourbon Street is to New Orleans. In other words, it’s the center of all the action! This street stretches the width of the Island – from Gulf to ocean – and along it you will find a slew of bars, restaurants, shops and cafes. This is the ultimate Key West party experience, and as you stroll, you can stop every few feet to cool off at an outdoor bar with an ice cold frozen libation under refreshing water misters.

5. Snorkel
Enter an alternate universe under the sea, and enjoy a magical view. Key West is home to the only U.S. living coral barrier reef outside of tropical waters! Swim among a rainbow of spectacular sea life on the many available snorkeling and diving tours. You can also see coral-encrusted ship wrecks, a myriad of spectacular fish, moray eels, jellyfish, and more. And you don’t have to be experienced to try it for the first time! Expert guides will be there every step of the way with you, as you leave the mundane behind in exchange for a deep sea or shallow water adventure of a lifetime!

4. Scavenger Hunt
Not just for kids anymore! Voted one of the TOP FIVE things to do in Key West, the discoveries on this scavenger hunt feature Key West’s most fun bars and secret local hideaways. The hunt includes 2-for-1 drink coupons that can be used anytime, so you end up saving over 100 bucks. What’s not to love? You can hoof it, drive, bike, or even use an electric car on this hunt. Be prepared to uncover a riotous time!

3. Sunset Party Boat
If you aren’t in the mood to go bar hopping, take the bar with you…on the water! You and your friends can hop a party charter, yacht, or sailboat, and party like rock stars. One ticket will get you admission, drinks, and most likely lots of stories to tell when you get back to the office.

2. Get on a BOAT!
Sure, chilling on the beach doing NOTHING all day has its charms…but nothing spells vacation HIGHLIGHT like a day spent getting wild out on the water! We recommend the Do It All Watersports Adventure by Sunset Watersports. It’s really kind of incredible: you spend the entire day on a 65-foot yacht, enjoying 12 (yes twelve!) watersport activities! And if you are looking for something in between chilling and action, then the Island Tour is for you. You can spend the day on the boat and enjoy the sights, have a meal, some drinks, make friends, and party like the rock star you are.

1. Hit the BEST BARS in the WORLD
A trip to Key West would be incomplete without pitstops to some of the most famous party bars on

earth. It’s 5 o’clock all day, every day here, so belly up to the bar and get ready to have some fun, island style. Here is our list of must-drink-ats, and don’t leave home without it: Sloppy Joe’s (open since 1933, Earnest Hemingway got tanked here for crying out loud!), Bull and Whistle (one of the last, great, open-air bars in Key West), Capt. Tony ‘s (celeb sighting heaven), Hog’s Breath (a popular watering hold for the locals but in the heart of action= win/win), Aqua (hilarious drag shows, karaoke, dancing, and 2 for 1 happy hour. Hello!)

Article by Dianne Ackerman

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