Top 6 Best Packing Tips Ever

Learn to be a professional packer when traveling

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a 2-week vacation, you don’t need to haul a huge suitcase to

Key West. First of all, you really don’t need much (hey, it’s always flip flop season in Key West!), and second, we have the coolest little tips to make your packing a breeze. We guarantee, no matter what you bring, your suds and duds will be uber organized. Check it out:

6. Use a travel pack!

Keep all the small sundries in a case of its own. You don’t want to have to dig around your
underwear for your contact solution when you wake up in your hotel room the next morning!
And while you’re at it, why not use 2? Throw all your essential morning and evening products together: contact solution, contact case, eyeglasses, face wash, moisturizer, eye makeup remover, toothbrush, floss, and the like. Use a second bag for the rest: lint roller, antacids, static remover spray, shower stuff, shampoo, conditioner, razor, hair gel, and hairspray.

Tip: I use empty prescription bottles for my shampoo and conditioner. Why waste money on the little travel size bottles? If needed, label the bottles with a permanent marker.

Tip: To avoid leaking shampoos, conditions, and Pepto Bismol, wrap the tops of the bottles in plastic wrap

5. Use a Jewelry Pouch
Because let’s face it, it’s always hard to decide which accessories to bring on a trip. A girl needs options. And there is nothing worse than finding a sneaker at the bottom of your suitcase with a necklace tangled up in the laces.

Tip: Keep your necklaces with thin chains from tangling by storing them with a drinking straw.
Tip: use a vitamin container for earrings and rings and small jewelry.

4. Use Purse bags for laundry!
Have the bag that your DKNY purse came in? Makes a perfect laundry bag! Why buy when you have one (or, two, three, or four if you’re like me!) in your closet?
Tip: Print off a packing list and don’t forget anything! Commonly forgotten items: chargers, umbrellas, feminine supplies, medicines and neck pillows.

3. Keep Your Shoes In Plastic Grocery Bags
Have you ever arrived at your destination only t find your shoes have mysteriously landed on top of your white shorts? (Thanks TSA!) Plastic grocery store bags work like a charm at keeping shoe soles off clothes.

Tip: Save the shower caps from your hotel stays, for wrapping up shoes.

2. Layer, Layer, Layer!
Put your largest items in the bottom of the suitcase. Roll what you can to squeeze in more room. Toward the top of the suitcase add your smaller items and blow dryer (but check out the website of the hotel to see if they have one, and leave yours home.)

Tip: Choose a color scheme so you don’t end up with a brown belt and black shoes. Bring the basics. Scarves are great for changing the look and brightening up your outfit.

Tip: To avoid wrinkles, roll your clothes and put into a large Ziploc bag
or plastic bag. Wrinkles less.

1. If in Doubt, Leave It Out!
Umbrellas typically count as a carry on “freebie.” Don’t waste space in your bag (but check with your airline first).

Take it easy on baby gear. Most hotels have cribs or pack-n-plays that you can use, and often you can find rentals for car seats if you are flying somewhere.

Wear your heaviest items (tennis shoes, etc.) through the checkpoint rather than wasting weight in your suitcase.

Tip: Use every hidden space to pack. Space is sacred when you’re traveling, so use the inside of your shoes for chunky necklaces, belts, or socks or your slippers.

Tip: If traveling with a buddy, have a packing “potluck”: “If you bring the blow dryer, I’ll bring the toothpaste and hairspray!”

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Top 6 Best Packing Tips Ever