Top 5 Ways to Be the Best Bridesmaid Ever

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Written by Dianne Ackerman                                            

Top 5 Ways to Be the Best Bridesmaid Ever

You’ve been asked to serve as bridesmaid in your pal’s wedding? Here are the top five ways to keep the drama to a minimum and the fun in the fore.

1. Say Yes. Always.
Even if you hate her flower choice, lipstick shade, or bridesmaid dress that you will never wear
again, just yes her to death, and allow her to have her dream day her way. So your dress is hideous. You can always turn it into a beach tote later or make a few bucks off eBay.

2. Represent!
Whether it is being on time for the dress fitting, answering her frantic call at 12AM, or giving her a shoulder to cry on when her future mother-in-law has upset her yet again, being available to your bride bud is one of the things she needs most. The days leading up to the wedding can become more and more tense, and she needs all the support she can get! Keep that cellphone charged and the ringer on!

3. No Complaints!
This day is not even a little bit about you, so if you aren’t happy with your dress, the food, your date, or the blister from your heels, don’t let her in on it. It’s all about support, and you are likely the one she is looking to the most for it.

4. Don’t get embarrassingly hammered
Save that for the private hotel room antics later. Don’t be the one that had to be carried off the dance floor! Those are the memories that last for everyone, and if you are looking for fame, do it by being the classiest and most supportive pal at the party.

5. Have Fun!
Always a bridesmaid, never a bride? Well, you are in Key West, babe, the singles and hottie capital of the world—this is no ordinary bridesmaid obligation! Take advantage of your chance to party like a rock star and soak up the sun and fun!

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