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Unique Things You Can Only Do In Key West​

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Anyone can party on Duval Street…in fact, that’s probably the biggest reason you’ve planned your trip to Key West. It’s fun, and with the right people, it can be one of the best partying you can have. What we want to talk about is unique to only Key West. We have a list of things that you can only do in Key West that you can’t do anywhere else.

Here is our list of the top 10 Unique Things that you can only do in Key West:

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dry tortugas national park

Go to the Dry Tortugas National Park

The park is renowned for its marine life, pirate legends, historic stories, white sandy beaches and of course, the Great Florida Barrier Reef. Get there by Seaplane, Key West Seaplane Adventures, or by boat, but it’s definitely one of the most amazing places you will ever see.

Whether you’re a fan of Hemingway’s writing, his outdoorsy lifestyle or you like six-toed cats, then you must see the house that Ernest Hemingway wrote some of his most-famous works. It’s very inspiring for all wanna-be writer’s.  

Key West scavenger hunt

Do the Key West Scavenger Hunt 

 You probably haven’t done a scavenger hunt as an adult quite like this one. Learn bits of Key West’s history, drink in the most-famous bars, and laugh hysterically with your friends as you race to find the clues to win! It’s a great way to see Key West in a unique way. It’s fun for everyone. Plus, you can grab a cold one along the way. Nothing better than that! 

Do the adventure of a lifetime and see Key West on a Jetski. We suggest Key West Water Tours. There are others, but there’s just something different with this company. They really care about you having fun and being safe. Plus, you get an icy cold free beer or soda after the 26 mile island tour. The Key West jetski tour is 2 1/2 hours. Makes the best memories of fun and sun…and did we mention…you’re on a freakin’ jetski! Nothing better than that! So, you if you want adventure, then you must take Key West Water Tour’s 26 Mile Key West Island jetski tour.

key west jetski tour
key west ghost hunt

Go on the David Sloan's Original Ghost Tour

The Originator of the Key West Ghost Tour, David Sloan will show you all of the haunted houses and tell the tales that will surely send goosebumps down your back…or is that a ghost touching you?! Go find out for yourself. It’s unique to Key West and a must-do. 

The most famous landmark in Key West. It’s a must-do. Sometimes it’s a wait to get your photo, but bring your beverage and wait and capture your famous image with this famous landmark. It’s pretty cool standing in the southernmost point of the continental United States. 

key west southernmost point
key west sunset sail
Key West is most famous for its amazing sunsets. Watching from Mallory Square, you will see street performers unique to Key West. You can buy a cold beverage and enjoy the show as you wait for sun to hit the horizon. 
The Florida Reef (also known as the Great Florida Reef) is the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States. It is the third largest coral barrier reef system in the world and it’s simply amazing to see. It’s one to check off the ol’ bucket list for sure. 
key west Hawksbill sea turtle
Key West scavenger hunt

The waters are calm, the wildlife is plenty, and it’s just you wand the shallow waters of Key West and the Lower Keys. We suggest Capt. Andrea Paulson with Reelax Charters. She knows all of the best places to get the  most out of your kayaking experience. 

Oh, those tiny green globes of goodness…  Key Limes are named for the Florida Keys in which they grow — and they are the key ingredient to the most amazing pie on earth: Key Lime Pie! Tasting authentic Key Lime Pie made with real Key Limes in actual Key West is something we think you simply have to include on you next trip! In fact, instead of (or in addition to!) bar hopping, why not try pie hopping? We like to call it the “Pie Parade!” So you decide who makes the best Key West Key Lime Pie. There are so many different styles to choose from, it will be fun sampling Key West’s unique dessert.

key west Hawksbill sea turtle

Party In Key West!

Key West Florida has much to offer! There's no wonder there's such a mystique and draw to our beautiful tropical island. Tap into our creative vibe, come down and be inspired by works of Tennessee Williams or Ernest Hemingway. If you're a songwriter, come down and visit during the Song Writer's festival. You'll be infused with new material. If you just need a long vacation getaway, visit our beautiful Key West. There's so much to do, you will never be bored! You will only want more! By Marjorie Spoto CEO and Key West Expert
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