Key West is Unique and Special and it Feels Like Home

Key West is Unique and Special

America’s Caribbean – Key West, FL

Key West is more than America’s Caribbean island, a party place, a hidden hideaway –  it is a recreation hot spot for all kinds of Key West Watersports and Things to do. Choose a romantic sunset sail and watch the sun set over the amazingly warm Key West waters. During the daytime, you can choose an all inclusive do it all trip that has snorkeling, banana boats, water slides and so much more. If you want to hit the water going mock ten, then you may want to rent a jetski and hit the waves. There is so much to choose from and the prices are very affordable. You can’t do it all in one trip. We know you will be back soon. Everyone comes back again and again. Key West is just that amazing!

After a day on the Key West waters and you’re ready to head to Sunset Celebration on Mallory Square – where you can find street performers, musicians, and jugglers and all sorts of shows all for the small price of a tip. Don’t forget to grab a cocktail before heading to the sunset.  

There are so many restaurants to choose from after your sunset celebration. Choose from Seafood to Steaks to Italian – it’s very hard to find a bad restaurant in Key West.. Many of our fine island chefs have come from around the world to work (or own) the restaurant. Some of the best dining experiences that you will find will be in our amazing little two by five island.

Key West is Ninety-two miles from Cuba, give or take. The place is inhabited natives or tourists who decided not to leave once they found out the secret to life in Key West.  Key West has a different feel and has a different attitude than any place in the Continental United States. Where else can you pick up your beverage of choice and take it to the next bar? Only in Key West. That’s a saying you will find yourself saying a lot when you visit Key West. That’s what makes our little paradise Island unique and special…and why you will make it your home – our your new home away from home. 

Article by Marjorie Spoto

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