Bring Sexy Back! Top 7 Ways to Bring Sexy Back…in Key West!

Top 7 Ways to Bring Sexy Back … in Key West!

 Key West Florida

So much has been said about the wild party vibe in Key West, but there are just as many ways to spend
tender time with your honey here. Our enchanted little island is the perfect place to propose, get married, renew your wedding vows, or just to escape the grind for a romantic getaway.
Perhaps you’re looking for a trip to renew the romance in your relationship? If you’d like to “bring the sexy back” that once drew you together, or if you are excited to explore a brand new relationship in a new place – Key West is the key to romance.
Here is our Top 7 list of romantic ways to get your sexy on in Key West:
1 His and Hers Massages
Waking up in Key West is waking up in paradise. Enjoy your morning with some breakfast in bed, and then take the pampering a step further with his and hers massages!  Prana Spa is an intimate little day spa located in Old Town, where licensed massage therapists will bring you to the deepest level of serenity. Enjoying a massage together is an especially sensual and romantic date that you will remember for years to come. 
2 Rent a Scooter
Hop on a scooter with your sweetie at your back, and cruise around the island tandem style! There is nothing more romantic than heading to the southern-most tip of the island, enjoying the crystal blue vista (and possibly spotting Cuba in the distance!) and making out with your sweetheart under the brilliant blue sky. 
3 Champagne Picnic on the Beach
There are a ton of fantastic restaurants to check out in Key West, but we think one of the most romantic venues involves planting your toes in the sand and sharing a picnic lunch with your babe. Pick up a bottle of bubbly, some sandwiches, and a slice of key lime pie, and head on over to the Simonton Street Beach. Feed each other as you watch the sailboats, pelicans, and sparkling sea, and you will have shared an intimate and memorable lunch of a  lifetime.
4 Better than Sex
If it’s possible there is anything better than sex, this place could be it. This cheeky little dessert bar flaunts pure decadence. Indulge yourselves in this low-lit, elegant eatery – a positively sexy date alternative to cocktails at a bar (though you can have your cocktail AND your dessert here!). Your night is no doubt headed in an amorous direction if you’re sharing menu items like “Tongue Bath Truffle,” or “Between My Red Velvet Sheets” Cheesecake!
5 Sunset sail
It’s a cinematic and spectacular scene: you step aboard a gorgeous schooner, share a glass of champagne, and watch the golden sun sink into the pink horizon. The stars emerge in the night sky, and you both contemplate the amazing day you shared in magical Key West. Could there possibly be anything more romantic than that?
6 Night Club and Drag Show
Sometimes romance is simply stepping out of the mundane and into the flamboyant! At Aqua night club, you get 2 for 1: First, enjoy the raucous and hilarious  (and possibly interactive!) show by the Aquanettes, the club’s amazing drag queen performers. Next, step onto the dance floor and enjoy your own performance as you and your sweetie dance the night away!
7 Louie’s Backyard
It may sound like a ribs and beer joint, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. This 25-year-old Key West institution is located in a romantic, oceanside National Historic Landmark building. Make reservations at the upper deck, where you can enjoy wine tasting and fine dining, as well as a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean. Chef Doug Shook considers the table his canvas, and the locally grown fruits, vegetables and seafood, and grass-fed meats his palette. If you can’t get enough of the experience, head down to the hip Afterdeck Bar for a martini and some celebrity watching.

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