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Am I Drinking Wine in Key West or France?

Key West’s Newest Wine Bar is the Perfect Epicurean Boutique

Key West is famous for their amazing food and wines, so it makes perfect sense that Vivez-Joyeux French wine bar in Bahama Village would be the most popular wine bar on the island. If you’re trying to escape the

Viv Key West Wine Bar
mayhem of Duval Street while in Key West, Vivez Joyeax is the perfect break to enjoy a glass of wine, cheese and meat charcuterie tucked cozily into a side street in Bahama Village.

Vivez-Joyeux (also known as Viv Key West Wine & Cheese bar) is a unique experience in Key West. Set in a city that’s famous for being a food and wine city, this bar in Bahama Village shines as bright as the best in Key West. Unlike any other wine bar in on the island, it’s refreshing uniqueness is a breath of fresh air. The wines are spectacular and surprisingly affordable (and I haven’t even mentioned their happy hour specials yet), but it’s the ambiance and energy that you get when you visit. Even if you’ve never been to France, it feels familiar and comfortable, as if you’re at a tropical French Bisro & fromagerie…and the staff is your family.

When people think of wine, it’s hard not to think of France. France is the point of origin for most of the world’s most famous grape varieties. Cabernet and Merlot hail from Bordeaux, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Burgundy and Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre from the Rhone Valley…and that’s only mentioning a few. Wine is made almost everywhere in France and is named and classified in a manner that would be confusing to the novice, (due to traditions and classifications). But, thank goodness, you don’t have to know all that information to enjoy the delectable wines of France. Laurent Grimm, the owner of Vivez-joyeux and his well-versed staff will find you the perfect wine…simply by explaining what your palate desires, catapulting you to old world wine country of lavender and oak…and ridiculous deliciousness.

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If you love pairing your wine with delicious meats and cheeses, love the French culture, love French wines and cheese, then you MUST visit Viv Wine Bistro & Cheese at least once while in Key West…or once a day day!). Just like with the wines, all you need to do is describe what type of cheese you like, and then Voila! You are tantalizing your taste buds with sheer delight! You also can just ask to pair some cheeses to the wine you chose and Viv Wine Bistro’s waitstaff will choose for you.

To sum it up the atmosphere in five words…Quiet, intimate, delicious, comfortable and perfection! Add Vivez-Joyeux to your Key West bucket list. I would even bet that you won’t just stop by once.

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