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10 Most Romantic Key West Things to Do

10 of Key West’s Most Romantic Things to Do


We all know Key West is the Party Capital of the World, but lest we forget how utterly romantic it is too, that’s why we want to tell you about 10 of the Key West most romantic things to do. If you want to take a break from the wild shenanigans of Duval Street, do yourself a favor and experience Key West in an equally unforgettable way. This is romance that rivals any Hollywood movie, because this is real. This is true romance. This is Key West.

1. Watch the Sunset on the beach

There is nothing more soul-rejuvenating than the beach. You can spend the day under a cabana

looking at the brilliant blue waters. But we want to tell you how utterly romantic a sunset on the beach is here in Key West. The sky puts on a breathtaking show that begins at sundown. That giant, glorious orange ball of the sun will slowly descend into the brilliant blue sea, sending strands of purple, pink, and yellow up into a sky that sparkles with a million twinkling stars. Sharing the view with a special someone will create memories of a lifetime. Promise.

2. Kiss underwater

(You can probably do more than kiss, but you didn’t hear it from us!)
You’ll have to take off your snorkel to do it. Yes, that means we want you to try snorkeling in the glorious keys with your honey. Key West is home to the only living coral reef in the U.S., which means you are promised a breathtaking view of a rainbow of sealife under water. With the sunlight shimmering in the water and the beautiful colors all around, what better place to plant a wet one on your sweetie?

3. Feed each other oysters

Do the math: Oysters (nature’s aphrodisiac) + Key West (the most romantic place on earth) = The
MOST Romantic Date you will ever have. Oh, and don’t forget to wash them down with some champagne. Here are some of our favorite places for oysters in Key West: Half Shell Raw Bar, Alonzo’s Oyster Bar, The Stoned Crab, Sunset Pier, Conch Republic. Thank us later!

4. Rent a Scooter

Hop on a scooter with your sweetie at your back, and cruise around the island tandem style. There is nothing more romantic than heading to the southern-most tip of the island, enjoying the crystal blue vista (and possibly spotting Cuba in the distance!) and making out with your sweetheart under the brilliant blue sky.

5. Sunset sail

It’s a cinematic and spectacular scene: you step aboard a gorgeous schooner, share a glass of bubbly, and watch the golden sun sink into the pink horizon. The stars emerge in the night sky, and you both contemplate the amazing day you shared in magical Key West. Could there possibly be anything more romantic than that?

6. His and Hers Massages

Enjoying a massage together is an especially sensual and romantic date that you will remember for years to come. After a long day of swimming, or kayaking or dancing the night away, it can’t get any better than a fantastic massage with you sweetie at your side enjoying the same thing. You can have a massage in a quiet, candle-lit spa, or you can enjoy it al fresco on the beach. Either way, you will both be ready to enjoy another day in Paradise after your professional massage brings you to the deepest level of serenity. What could be more romantic than that?

7. Kayak on the Gulf of Mexico

Aaahhh, just the two of you, the paddle, the sounds of water lapping…nothing spells romance like
kayaking in the hideaway of the back country waters on the Gulf of Mexico. This Key West waterscape is like being in another world. You can hear yourself think here, you can enjoy each other’s company without fighting to be heard in a noisy bar, and you can enjoy the day doing something totally different and unexpected. Super romantic.

8. Parasail together

You’ve most likely spent each day in Key West either on the sand or under the water, so why not try a little sky-high romance? Soar in the silence above brilliant green waters, enjoy the gentle breeze and turquoise sky while watching dolphins jump below, view the sailboats and skyline, or even a glimpse of your hotel in the distance. If you ride tandem, you can enjoy all this holding hands. This is bliss.

9. Jetski

So you’ve had your nice, quiet kayak day in the Gulf (see number 4). Now for a totally different kind of day on the water, try renting a jetski for two and share an exhilarating ride around the entire island! Like a motorcycle for the water, jetskis have been a popular activity choice for Key West vacationers for years. Many tours offer a pit-stop at a sand bar to enjoy the vistas, to take a dip in the water, and just to enjoy the view.

10. Have a candlelit dinner on the beach

Nothing like enjoying some amazing Key West food at a dinner table where you can feel the sand in your toes. Candles, sunset, ocean views, the sound of the breeze and waves…I mean, come on, this just screams romance. We promise you this will be a night you will not likely forget, and will rival anything Clark Gable could have dished up to Vivien Leigh back in the day. Whether you want to pop the question or rekindle the fires of your decades-long romance, this is the place to do it. Your Online Source for where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and where the party is in Key West, Florida.

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Written by Dianne Ackerman