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Key West Fishing Report 

by the Key West Fishing Club


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Key West is famous for it’s tarpon fishing. The entire island chain offers so many opportunities to catch tarpon with a fly, artificial plug or lure, and on live bait. Anglers who generally fish with a fly rod or light tackle may come back year after year to pursue the tarpon that swim here.  Whether you are a first timer and have just heard of the epic battles fought between man and big fish or you are a seasoned fly angler, Key West is a place where tarpon swim nearly year-round.


I’m sure in most magazines and on some famed TV shows they have our season running April, May and June for the best tarpon fishing. This is true BUT there are months on either end of the spectrum that can also be excellent too. I have seen stellar conditions and great tarpon fishing in as early as February and as late as August for big tarpon. We always have resident fish that live here but they have become weary of the ways of guides and they stick to the fish scrap offerings at the dockside filet tables.


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